Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to ship my pet?

Shipment costs can depend on a lot of different factors. It can be the volume of the carrier, how much your pet weighs and which services you are including.

Will my pet be accompanied by one of your employees during their flight?

No. All pets we ship are through cargo (AKA: the belly of the plane). There are no personnell allowed in the cargo during flight. The only time a pet can be accompanied by personnell, is when they are taken on the flight, in cabin. We do not offer this service.

Is it safe for my pet to fly in Cargo?

Yes, it is very safe for them to travel in cargo, as long as they have the appropriate travel kennel, there are no issues.

Can my pets travel together in the same kennel?

This depends on the airline…If they do, they must be of the same species and some carriers have weight limits.

I have a snub-nosed pet, can they still travel?

A few airlines require you to book snub-nosed breeds through an IPATA agent. We are IPATA registered and can book your pet’s travel! Please keep in mind that many airlines will not accept snub-nosed breeds and there may be limited options.

My pet has anxiety, can I sedate them during travel?

No. It is an International Animal Lounge policy, that we do not accept any animal for travel that is under sedation.

Why can’t I book my pet on the plane myself?

Some airlines require you to book live animals through an IPATA agent. IPATA agents are trained pet shippers that are experts in the requirements for pets to travel. If an airline does not allow you to book your pet yourself, then they will likely refer you to an IPATA agent.

My pet is small, and I want to bring them in cabin, but I don’t know my destinations pet requirements. Can you help me?

Yes! We offer a guidance only service. The first step would be to check with your airline and destination customs to see if your pet is allowed to fly in cabin with you. A few destinations and airlines require animals to fly in cargo. If your airline and destination agree that your pet can fly in cabin, then we offer a veterinary guidance only service.